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Fall 2017

As November 9, 2017, marks 5 years ago that Billy transitioned to the afterlife, I thought I would share some of the knowledge and wisdom that I have aquired from the intense pain which is balanced daily with "hard love" (yes, that is a song reference from Needtobreathe).

I have learned that the beautiful souls who come into our lives as a result of our tragedy, or those friends we consider family that remain in our lives after tragedy, are on our path for a reason…whether we are here for them, or they are here for us.  We are learning from each other and we are connected in this classroom of life.

I have learned that as different as we are from each other is how differently we grieve as well.  I have made the choice to grieve rather publicly with facilitating our GRASP bereavement group.  My main reason for starting this group was to help others understand that the Disease of Addiction is not a choice.  Those who have died from Addiction Disease should be mourned and remembered with love, dignity and honor.  Those with eyes of judgement looking at the addicted as a weaker being with no morals, display an ignorance that cannot be disputed.

I have learned that although we are not taught about death in school, and our culture considers it “taboo” to discuss death, we will all learn in time when the sharp stinging heartbreaking pain of losing someone we love will affect our life in ways we never imagined.  How we choose to handle this heartbreak will make all the difference in how the rest of our life is lived, as well as how our loved ones are remembered.

I believe it is in this pain that we can be transformed, if we allow ourselves to “feel” all of the emotions.  Our courage brings tears, and in the tears we evolve….and just maybe our purpose in life changes.  Perhaps the gift of Billy’s life was to do just that for so many.

There is no doubting how much we miss his love, his smile, that crazy sense of silly humor, his kindness and caring, his genuine sincerity, his loyalty, his truth and vulnerability…..all that was Billy.  But, I find a deep strength in knowing his life was not in vein....No life is lived in vein.   Our culture has this preconceived notion that a well lived life is a "long" lived life.  A life with little pain and much wealth, success and happiness is a life that has been blessed.  Let me be the first to tell all of you, that blessings come in many forms. Blessings come in the pain and heart ache, blessings come in the trials and sorrow, blessings come in the gratitude and love.

I recently began using an acronym F.E.A.R : Face Everything and Rise…….in the wake of our journey through Brian’s illness.  Billy’s courage facing an illness that we knew so little about will always haunt my rational brain.  However, there is a place in my soul that knows his physical life and gentle spirit, did not deserve a lifetime of suffering.  Billy lived, loved and made some amazing friends.  Forever friends are not easy to come by, but Billy knew the value of the bond with his brothers and sisters.  Our family has been so grateful through these years to become a family with these beautiful souls, always connected with our love for Billy.  And a very special thank you to all of our loving friends, FB friends, and family who have remained close by our side with love and support, we will always be forever grateful for your presence in our lives.


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As our lives go through many changes, our memories remain the foundation of the bond and love that we all share.

Welcome to Billy’s website, a private place where we can visit, express our thoughts, share memories, post pictures and view photo galleries of many special times. The songs chosen for each gallery are some of Billy’s favorites that will, no doubt, bring laughter and tears with their special meaning for all of us.

***It is our great honor to announce the Billy Garceau Scholarship Fund at the Massapequa High School.  Please visit the Scholarship Page here for details ♥

The 4th Annual Memorial Fishing Trip was by far the most Adventurous one yet! Although the weather was not cooperating, we talked the Captain into taking us out into the Ocean. Fish were biting, the boat was rockin and Jimmy hooked a Mako Shark! The crew was happy, Billy was all around's always bittersweet♥

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The 3rd Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's honor was held this year on August 9, 2015.  So many came from all over the country to share this special day with us.  We continue to be blessed with so many who love us, and we too love them all very dearly.  Billy alive in all of our hearts and minds......always.♥


The 2nd Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's honor was held on August 17, 2014.  Once again we were blessed with our family and friends who came out for this heartwarming day!


Shatterproof Challenge 2014  10271326_10203634374562582_4176500482451502560_o


 Both Larry and Jimmy rappelled down the "T" Building at Nassau Community College....The Shatterproof Challenge, raising awareness of Addiction Disease.  We raised twice the amount we intended to as a result of our very generous family and friends, all in Billy's name♥


August, 2013

The First Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's idea of his wonderful friends, that brought our family and friends together for a very special day.  We will always be grateful for everyone's love and support ♥




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