New Journal Entry

While our lives go through many changes, our memories become the foundation of the bond and love that we all share.

Welcome to Billy’s websitea private place where we can visit, express our thoughts, share memories, post pictures and view photo galleries of many special times. The songs chosen for each Photo Gallery as well as the songs in the Videos/Music Gallery are some of Billy’s favorites (and ours) that will, no doubt, bring laughter and tears with their special meaning for all of us. (FYI – if you are watching the Trampoline Video, one of our favorites, make sure you catch the whole thing as it goes blank in-between segments. This video truly captures the essence of Billy’s good nature and humor ♥)
We have created a Private FB Page for Billy (in addition to his already existing page) if you would like to join the page please contact us (Debbie, Jimmy, Chrissy or Amanda) or email waves@optonline.net



 The First Annual Fishing Trip in Honor of Billy was truly “Anchors of Love!” Jimmy had the t-shirts designed perfectly! Gathering with good friends and family, feeling Billy so strongly as we all shared his love of the water! rsz_9367_10201607678176439_1608273684_n

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