As our lives go through many changes, our memories remain the foundation of the bond and love that we all share.

Welcome to Billy’s website, a private place where we can visit, express our thoughts, share memories, post pictures and view photo galleries of many special times. The songs chosen for each gallery are some of Billy’s favorites that will, no doubt, bring laughter and tears with their special meaning for all of us.

***It is our great honor to announce the Billy Garceau Scholarship Fund at the Massapequa High School.  Please visit the Scholarship Page here for details ♥

The 3rd Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's honor was held this year on August 9, 2015.  So many came from all over the country to share this special day with us.  We continue to be blessed with so many who love us, and we too love them all very dearly.  Billy alive in all of our hearts and minds......always.♥


The 2nd Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's honor was held on August 17, 2014.  Once again we were blessed with our family and friends who came out for this heartwarming day!


Shatterproof Challenge 2014  10271326_10203634374562582_4176500482451502560_o


 Both Larry and Jimmy rappelled down the "T" Building at Nassau Community College....The Shatterproof Challenge, raising awareness of Addiction Disease.  We raised twice the amount we intended to as a result of our very generous family and friends, all in Billy's name♥  www.shatterproof.org


August, 2013

The First Annual Memorial Fishing Trip in Billy's honor.....an idea of his wonderful friends, that brought our family and friends together for a very special day.  We will always be grateful for everyone's love and support ♥




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